Search Functionality button in the PC-DMIS can be of great advantage.PCD-164628

Virendra Rathore 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 3


As PC-DMIS has hundreds of functionality in it, this just stuck in my mind that it would be of great help for the operator or the user to have the search functionality button to access the particular functionality quickly. Although we have a quick feature toolbar but contains only a few of them. It would be of great help for the PC-DMIS user to find the functionality quickly if he remembers the functionality.

For example, if I know about the fly mode and want to use it but did not remember the exact location of it, I have to search it in the menu bar or in the setup options or somewhere else but if we would have search functionality button we can search "Fly mode" and it should open the fly mode setup options. I don't know if it is possible or not but having this functionality makes the PC-DMIS more user-friendly for sure

I don't think this as auto-magical as suggested, but pressing 'F1' opens the help menu and generally provides information on what the feature is and often how to use it/where to find it.

This could be useful for training button locations if it would highlight where they are located when you typed it in.

I do know that I can do this within the android system using the search option with my Samsung Note 9. This is crazy that I cannot search for a specific function within PC-DMIS. Even within windows I can search for programs and files. This is a great idea to have a search feature to find a specific function.

Yep! PC-DMIS is vast and an internal search engine would definitely help users!