Remove "Measure All iter align features now?"

Charles Hilton 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 0

Probably one of the most obnoxious and useless prompts is the ""Measure All iter align features now?"" It comes up every time you modify a feature related to an iterative, plus one more for every other instance of an iterative alignment in your program. So hypothetically, if you have 3 iterative alignments in your program, and you modify a single point in one of them, you'll receive three prompts,

Not to mention, the prompt does come up inexplicably sometimes. So sometimes when you're hammering through the also obnoxious, barrage of prompts, you get when you change a feature like "Do you want to update measured values", "Do want to make this the default ID", "Update dependent commands", where you may swapping back and forth between selecting "Yes", "No", in rapid fire succession because you're trying to get work done, let's through a command in there that throws the machine into automatic motion regardless of where the probe head actually go inspect something on the other side of the part, smash into said part, and break a four or five grand probe. Splendid... just great...