Enhance vision probe support - lighting

Kyle Brummans 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 7

Vision Probing is great (for the most part).  However it would be nice to see a smoother transition when programming between two dissimilar machines or even CMM-V.   Problems with settings translating between different style light configurations can pose some strange difficulites.  Mostly settings getting lost or hidden. 

Example:  Right now I have a single tier ring light, my customer has a triple tiered ring light.  I write programs where in sections I turned the ring light off - when the program is transported to their system - it is on.  I am told this is because their setup is different. 

If this were a probing Cmm I would simply select a different module/tip etc and move on - right in the probe toolbox.

Neil, is there a way to see status bars or development progress/updates anywhere on items like this?  I'm sure you get asked a lot when - and it's probably a difficult answer - but the curiosity is always there.  Not sure how transparent/open this can/is.

Hi Kyle,


I can say that one team was already working on just this for the development just starting now, and it is targeting PC-DMIS 2019 R2 (due around July).

I've shared your interest with that team, who will be encouraged to share their plans with you, and get your feedback on the item through the development process.

Ok, great.  Happy to help.  Thanks for the update Neil.

Hi Kyle,

I am Neil Ryan, Product Owner for Pcdmis Vision. Neil Kay forwarded your comment to me. I have emailed you and suggested we have a call to discuss our development plans in more detail and offer you the chance of being a stakeholder through the development process

New feature in 2019 R2