Colour change of points selected for construction

gray harris 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Matt 4 years ago 3

Lets say we have a measured cad model with a load of points taken on it. These points are coloured black on the model.
For eg.
I need to create a plane using some existing points.
From the construction toolbox I choose the plane option and I select the relevant points I need to create the plane.
After selection of these points they still remain coloured black.
Is there a way to make the selected points a different colour, so as to make identification easier, that I have selected the correct points off the model?

Anyway you could provide a pictorial example?  I'm having a hard time visualizing this.

This has now been resolved on Version 2019 R2 Service Pack 3.


As noted above, this was really a bug related to displaying the internal hit (of a single point) on top of the selected point. We are no longer displaying internal hits of single point features.

As always thanks for the ideas! I'll close this thread as completed.