Xact Measure Report

jodische 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Rob Jensen 4 years ago 4

Make Xact measure report easy to re-arrange so it looks like the Legacy Report.  You can shutoff and turn on whatever you want to go to the printer or stats (in whatever order you want) .  In machining all the machinist cares about is which way they need to move the machine.  All they want to see for Position for example is X, Y, Diameter Size and Position.  They do not want to see datum shift, the position of the datum's you used, the size of the datum used.  The Report is to long and confusing and out of order.

We will be supporting these reporting options  in 2019 R2. Thanks


Rob, Is there anywhere else that details what will be supported in 2019 R2.  I've heard rumor of updates for high_point functions and Tru-er auto-magic ASME fitting.  Is this correct?

I have good sources ;)


Yes, 2019 R2 constructed Plane, Line and Point supports Primary Datum, Secondary Datum and Tertiary datum in accordance to ASME and ISO (orientation constrained and external to material).

The new report templates for Position will available in 2020 R2.

Completed - 2020 R2 the Position report for the Geometric Tolerance command no longer includes datum shift or the position of the shifted datums and allows turning ON/OFF datum size from the dialog now.