Show measured items in live view of vision

Bill Kulpa 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 7

I'd like the ability to graphically show measured features in the live camera view.

Possibly the ability to toggle them off and on in the graphics screen as an option to the edit feature appearance tab.

Hi Bill, 

Thanks for your idea. This is currently in my backlog. I have provisionally scheduled this for Pcdmis 2019 R2 which is the active development version.

Please be advised that this may change due to other priorities in this development cycle.

If you would be interested in becoming a stakeholder for this item, I would be happy to invite you to our development review when this item is started. 


Neil (Product Owner Pcdmis Vision)

Hi Bill,

Just to clarify. We currently have the ability to display measured features in the Live View. We do plan to add an ability to turn this functionality off in the UI in 2019 R2 but this will depend upon finishing our main development first. If this request refers to additions to what we currently do, could you provide some more detail?




I'm not aware of a way to view measured features in the live view in V2014 mr1.

Is that functionality available in this version?

I think that capability was added in the 2017 R2 version.

In Pcdmis 2019 R2, We have now added the ability to toggle On/Off the drawing of the features in the Live View. This is now available via the Live View Setup dialog