Reference Dimensions - No Tolerance & Secondary Reporting Options

Kyle Brummans 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by AKASH 6 months ago 2

Two main attributes:

The ability to toggle tolerances off.  (Basic and Reference dimensions)  

The ability to have a second set of dimensional reporting options or several reporting profiles (Dimension Color Settings)

This helps with quality control.  Right now, we either 'open' tolerance or don't report.  There are instances where it is desirable to have values of basics and references with-out it hindering production mentality/reactions.  Often I also output XYZ coordinates for In-Car and zero tolerance them, as the T-value is what's important/desired.

+1 if I had any votes left.   I have a similar post here.  

It's not uncommon for me to want to fully report on one axis but just give reference values for my other axis.    Right now, my workaround is to give my other axis a huge tolerance so that it never shows out.   Of course there is always someone who will ask "Where did that tolerance come from?".


Hi i also facing same issue. how to callout basic dimension 

my problem is . I Removed tolerance in callout time but report can show deviation colour

Image 605

Image 606

so how to remove the deviation colour