Warning on what options are available with different version of Pcdmis

davehocum 5 years ago in Metrology Software / Inspect updated by neil kay 3 years ago 5

Just finish testing Inspect 3.2. Back saved a 2018 R1 routine to 2017 R1. Closed Pcdmis and open Inspect 3.2. Installed the 2017 R1 add-on. Open the routine using Inspect 3.2 and executed the routine. First warning that the saved default Report template Text and Cad.rpt serialization error. Report template from later version. Nice, then I selected OK and waited for the Pcdmis startup and wait and wait. Finally execution is at 6% then a pause. Forms will not show and there is no CAD window selection either. Let's try 2017 R2. Same issue. Let's try this using 2018 R1 and the forms work as expected. The CAD selection is available now. There should be a warning on what options are available with different version of Pcdmis.

Looking at this for Inspect 5.1

Thank you for the update Neil.


In Inspect 5.1 (due summer 2021), we have added an information link next to PC-DMIS add=on, which will go to a help topic with a table showing capabilities vs PC-DMIS version.