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V Maglov 6 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 8

Make it possible to open two programs side by side and have an automated feature to highlight the differences between the two i.e. if you open the Product_v1.2 program and Product_v1.4 program side by side in the same window/on same screen/ the software to be able to show the differences between the two programs by highlighting the background on the sections where they differ.

Alternatively you should be able to copy/paste and visually compare between the two programs.

If I had votes left I use one on this topic!

Great Idea.

For now you can try to use the ExamDiff tool. ExamDiff is a Visual File And Directory Comparison Tool. 

Link: ExamDiff 


We have an enhancement coming (hopefully in 2019 R1), that whilst not exactly what is asked for us, it should still be able to help with this problem...

Do I smell version control, Neil? :)

More along those lines, yes. 

Thank you guys for the support and thank you Neil for the answer.

From the dark side....   and FREE

Run the program offline in PC DMIS. This resets the actual measured values in the program back to the nominal values.
Highlight the entire program and copy it. 
Paste the program into Microsoft Word

In Word, Click the Review Tab and from the Compare Group choose Compare and then Compare.
Select the original document from the Original drop-down list. (Original name ain’t it…)
Select the edited document from the Revised Document drop-down list. 
Click OK

All of the additions and deletions show up in Red. 
The combined document can then be printed (if needed), reviewed and if needed filed away either electronically or hard copy.

Tested in PC DMIS 2013 MR1 and Word 2010

Won't catch things that are hidden from view in the programs but will catch everything else.

As the implementation I referred to below was Protect...I still think this idea has value, but it's not been started...so I'm going to chance the status.