Add Option to Construct a Max/MIn Point From a Scan or Constructed curve

david carter 6 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Matt 3 years ago 6 1 duplicate

Need to add a construct Max/MIN Point option which can be either be Max Or Min point from an input scan or constructed curve. A lot of customers need to find the highest or lowest point from a scan and the current method of using the MAX or MININDEX to get the scan point number and then constructing a generic or cast point is tiresome. The user should be able to pick a scan or curve, select which axis (based on current alignment) either X or Y or Z and indeed Polar radial for 2D max/min or 3D Max/Min from the current origin.

For example to find the max polar value the user needs to know the syntax below, the software should do this for us.


This option could also be used for constructing a point from other features such as a plane to then report the XYZ location of the highest/lowest point on the plane or any other feature in fact. etc 

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I'd like to have the same capability of making a assignments with like names into a set.

I believe this is being implemented sometime in 2019.  Rob Jensen might be able to confirm.  I'm at least sure something useful is coming.

I guess the "Construct Point as Tertiary Datum" in 2019 R1 would cover this.


See the constructed extreme point released with 2021.2 - https://hexagonmetrology.wistia.com/medias/243n5tchnv?wvideo=243n5tchnv