Please improve the print resolution of analysis views

gary wilson 8 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Neil Ryan 8 months ago 11

Thanks for the suggestion, Gary. Please use one or more of your 3 allocated votes on your suggestion. The more votes an item gets from the user community, the sooner you would see it implemented.

Great suggestion Gary!

Ben, can you clarify which version of PC-DMIS you are using?. I'm told the team made an improvement to this in 2016. There may still be room for improvement however.

Hi Neil, I was using 2015 but I've just installed 2016 just to check for improvement. To compare I tried printing the same report to PDF on both versions, the image looks sharper but the resolution doesn't look any better.

A few other improvements would be great in analysis view:

- Don't manage labels size with same font parameter than graphic window.

- Please manage the mouse scroll button (for zoom+ and zoom-) instead of right clic at the window top or bottom

Fabrice, thanks for the good suggestions. I've broken these out into their own topics

We've made improvements in PC-DMIS v2017 R2.