Specify Master Probe

Jon Wood (NinjaBadger) 6 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Neil Ryan 8 months ago 10

Create functionality to specify a Master probe tip, such that it removes the ability to define reference sphere location with any another tip.

I imagine this would be relatively simple to do, and of incredibly high value to the end user.

Once tick box in Setup somewhere to 'Use Master Probe' 

Once ticked Select a Probe & Tip combination which is the master probe.

Once enabled, when you click measure if the probe tip isn't the master probe then the option to select Sphere has moved (either manual or DCC) is disabled.

Likewise the No - Sphere has not moved option could be disabled for the master probe/tip.

The only 'complexity' I can think of would be if the user went to calibrate the Master probe with a user defined calibration order where the Master tip wasn't selected first.

If I had any votes left you would get them. But it seems votes are not given back when items are completed (or I don't get to vote, as a Hexagon employee...)

I suddenly got 5 instead of 3, so at least  I could get to vote for my own idea.

This one's a no brainer as far as I'm concerned, 'low hanging fruit' to use management jargon.

I'll vote for this one; I've seen a lot of individuals/companies that would benefit from this

+1 from me! I also think it would help new users understand the correct way to calibrate.

Good idea. Hope this gets implemented.

We recently had a measurement of 3 days. 

The operator accidently used a Yes instead of a No when calibrating a non-reference probe, and then the measured data for about 1 day was faulty.

We have very large parts with alot of dimensions. So any error we make, has big impacts.

If it can go wrong, it will eventually go wrong.

PC-DMIS already has alot of things an operator has to worry about.

So if you make (what I think) a fairly simply modification, it will decrease the chance of a calibrationerror and increase the confidence in the measured data.

The Probe calibration process in PC-DMIS is one of the weakest link that I see. It works for basic methods of calibration but falls short when you go beyond that.

Under review

We are currently reviewing this but it is not currently scheduled for 2022.2 or 2023.1. I will update the post when we have a proposal for feedback.


Thinking more about this, I'd imagine the best way to implement it would be to specify the Master probe/tip combo for each tool.  That way on a multi-sensor system you could specify more than one Master.

i.e. CMM with Laser - one Master probe-tip for normal sphere, and same tip for the matt sphere

Optiv - Camera for Ring, then a Probe-tip for the Sphere etc