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Import/Export Window Layout

tomeq 6 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Neil Ryan 8 months ago 15

It would be nice to have an import / export option for the Window Layout between cmms and Pc-Dmis versions.
Now, after upgrade, I have to create my Window Layout from begining for all machines.

I agree, there needs to be a major improvement with the outdated Save Windows Layout and Customize Toolbars process.

I like the submission, and this could theme really well with a customize toolbar rework that's being discussed in another thread.

I wanted to add a small note that it is possible to copy the Layout.dat files (in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Hexagon\PC-DMIS\2019 R1) to preserve Window Layouts between PCs / Versions. Obviously this is messy and not a proposed way of handling this idea, but it might be better then creating from scratch as mentioned.

This doesn't work very well if the PCs have different resolution displays :)

It doesn't work that well regardless. I get duplicate entries in the toolbars for each version I migrate the settings to.

This is the process I currently use. But, there are more issues with Customize Toolbars with user defined Icons with this procedure. When copy and past Layout.dat files fail then I have to create new Customize Tool Bars.

In general, none of the UI/layout files are designed to work across versions, which is why they are not automatically migrated. This would require a major rework to change.

Apparently, this is something the users would really like to have - I know I'm one.

Could you guys please consider looking into a solution for this (migrate window layouts).

in this case, we only need to transfer windows layout from one computer to another for the same version. it takes too much time to create one perfect windows layout that help me save a lot of time on programming

In that case, the method outlined by Matt above should work.

Here is the link for PC-DMIS Customize process needs a total rebuild

PC-DMIS Customize process needs a total rebuild

When it gets more votes. We are implementing items from most voted to least. 

Is that list (top voted) available somewhere on this site?

Go to Forums - PC-DMIS - at the bottom select browse all - Select Sort default "Last updated" - select Top rated

That worked, thanks!

I wonder if xml could be used to export/import.