NEW GD&T preview in edit window . Make preview for new GD&T in edit window like it was for Legacy Dimensions.

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The XactMeasure GD&T dialog in 2018 R2 is a good improvement. But, the reporting is definitely in a need for major improvements. They always ask why people keep using the Legacy Dimensions. I believe that the main reason is the reporting of the XactMeasure content is difficult to read and understand. There needs to be more improvements with XactMeasure reporting. With just a quick on line search I was able to find methods to create Quality Reports.

General Tips for Making Your Report Appealing and Easy To Skim

To attract and hold users’ attention, your quality report needs to be designed in a way that:[1]

  • Looks appealing and approachable at first glance.
  • Helps readers notice what information is available and important.
  • Makes it easy for them to skim and find topics of personal interest.

The command in the edit window (displayed in command mode) is not the report. Since only programmers see the command in the edit window, are you saying the command is too difficult for programmers to understand? We are aware of reporting issues (in the Report window) and will address in 2019R2. Note: It is not possible to make the command look like the report (like legacy dimensions) because the XactMeasure GD&T command supports multiple features, Datums, modifiers and combinations of Geometric tolerances within the same command (e.g Position and Perpendicularity or Composite FCF's). Also XactMeasure is not reporting results from the current alignment, the results are from the Datum Reference Frame defined in the command.

Thank you Rob for the update. Looking forward to see the new reporting content for XactMeasure.


If you open the Status Window, you will be able to see a preview of your XactMeasure dimension results when you click on that dimension in your Edit Window. The Status window is a good option for dimension preview during/after creation. Not exactly a solution to your problem, but it's a workaround that I usually suggest.

To open the Status Window, go to View | Other Windows | Status Window

Status Window

This is what I have and currently use with Legacy and XactMeasure. The main issue I have is how the content is being reported for XactMeasure in the PC-DMIS Report.

There is one issue with Status Window;
I have to click every single dimension to see the result;
I can't scroll the Edit Window and quick check results

That is the problem with PC-DMIS UI workflow. There is no direct interaction with the Status Window to the Graphics Window and Edit Window. Right now, there have been PC-DMIS improvements for quicker ways of creating a rough draft program. However, in the end you will still need to work with the Edit Window for in-depth programming. The Status Window is in the need for improvements to add more capabilities for viewing and editing.

I agree, The Status Window is limited in it's capabilities, but I find it helpful to preview dimension results when using XactMeasure. 

Another good use of the Status Window is to include it in a customized Execution Layout. Used this way, the operator can view each feature/dimension as they are being executed.

I have setup user layouts to use the Status Window for operators as a viewing window for the executed program in the past. However, sometimes the display content would be just a flash and not allowing the operator enough time to read what was being displayed. Per request the Status Window was removed from the operators user layout. Instead the operators wait until the program is finished or during the execution to view the Report Window.

Status Window Needs Improvement Link

Status Window Needs Improvement

There's one more issue with new GDT;
Option "Jump to" (jump back) isn't active.
I know that I can use Find option (Alt+F3) but it's less comfortable.


Not sure if you are aware of the ID method's of PC-DMIS to only use a underscore _ instead of a dash or minus - or other symbols. 

Example: Y-4 should be Y_4

With 2018 R2 try to place the cursor on the Xact Measure Feature ID then Right mouse click.


Place your cursor on the Feature ID listed in the FEATURES/ of XactMeasure and give that a try.

I just finish testing this with 2018 R2 and the Jump To works.


              PRIMARY DIMENSION/PROFILE OF SURFACE,0.00039,<UZ>,<UTol>,<dat>,<dat>,<dat>

Thanks for reply;
it doesn't work in 2018R1 (after replaced "-" to "_")
i'm glad it's fixed in R2.

Please continue your chat on the PC-DMIS forum, the HexagonMI Idea Center is for posting ideas (new features/enhancements) and voting on them. Thanks

+ 1 from me. This is the exact issue that keeps me using Legacy dimensions!!

Completed - 2020 R2 Geometric Tolerance command displays the MEASURED value for the geometric tolerance per segment and also displays the size (UAME/Local). Results are RED when out of tolerance.