Temperature compensation for part -> use arm temperature

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When I want to use temperature compensation for the part I now can either select:

automatic -> doesn't work since I have no part sensor installed (that's the message I get when trying)

manual -> I manually have to insert the part temperature per measurement, very time consuming

Why can't I just use automatically the temperature of the arm, assuming my part is in the same room for some time and has the same temperature? This would be so much easier.

In addition to this. Why can't I input my own thermal expansion coefficient? 

For example when I select Cast Iron as the product material, the thermal expansion coefficient is preset and can't be adjusted using the interface. There are multiple types of cast iron with different expansion coefficients. Obviously, mine has a different coefficient than the preset value. 

PC-DMIS offers following:

1. PC-DMIS stores material coefficient in file: C:\ProgramData\Hexagon\PC-DMIS\2018 R2\MaterialCoefficients.xml. User can edit this file using any editor. In PC-DMIS installation folder, you will find MaterialCoefficientsEditor.exe. You can use this to rename or modify the CTE of any material or add your own material. 

2. User can type the CTE value in Edit window or they can use variable for CTE. The material field in this case will change to Custom Material. 

Hope this helps you. 

oke thnx. That helps. 

The parameters that are editable depend on which edit window you use, great. 

CTE can be edited in summary mode as well as in command mode

In the F9 menu I can change the material, but not the CTE (I have version 2018 R2).

Expanding the temperature command does give option to change CTE. 

Yes, in Edit mode - F9, you can change only material. You can add/change CTE in material coefficient file in Program Data folder. I have given exe file name in above comment to make this change. This way you can change CTE for one material type in that file. If you want custom material then you can edit it only in edit window


I have a problem with Material selection:

If I want to use SinterD30 and choise in dropdown menu than the coefficient value change to right but the material name chosse the first (abc order) and never appear the next one. BUG? 

Hi  Gabor Toth, 

I tried the scenario that you had explained in the above comments and I am able to reproduce the issue that you were mentioning. 

I will log this in our defect tracking system and will let our team know about this issue. 

Thank you for bringing this to our notice. 

Its logged in our system. I had also notified the product owner on the same !

Hello Gabor Toth, If there are two types of material having same CTE then please create only one entry like SinterD30/16MnCr5. One of the need from service engineers was to have ability to type the CTE value. PC-DMIS tries to match the name of material to that of CTE. 


Can we hack the system, but not nice.

The request from service engineers is absolut good. Should be use CTE value.

Just you see that the method is not so good so I suggest to develop it.

Now the CTE value is an individual value and the program search in database the assigned name.

Maybe better if the name is unique and first create name and add to CTE value.

Later if you receive a new material which CTE value equal some exist CTE...