Increase Cross Hair Line Thickness in Vision

Barry Buechner (bfire85) 6 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 2

Have the ability to increase the thickness of the Cross Hair. Sometimes it is difficult to see where the edge is when using ring light, especially if there is a lot noise or variation in material colors, when completing manual hits. Changing the color of the line does not seem to help is certain situations. 

Hi Barry, Thanks for your suggestion. I have a couple of questions:

Is it just the visibility of the manual Hit Targets you are having issues with?

Which version of Pcdmis you are using?

In Pcdmis 2018 R1 we improved the visibility of the Hit Target Lines and Direction Arrow. In addition to this, we have the Overlay transparency  option on the Live View Tool Bar. Setting this to 100% will also improve the visibility.

However, if these are not sufficient then we could look at making further improvements in the future. One idea which has been mentioned before if linking the Target Widths to the Path Line Thickness so users can weight the lines to their own preference. Do you believe this could be of help?


Neil - Product Owner - Pcdmis Vision


Yes, manual hit targets. I have manual hits in DCC mode because of the nature of the part being symmetrical. I am using 2018 R1. Overlay setting is at 100%. Crosshair is large. I was able to make some adjustments to improve the situation: lowered the lighting and changed the line color. However, this would still be a nice enhancement to be able to adjust the pixel thickness of the crosshairs, not just the size. 

Thanks for replying!