Easy way to populate results in excel based first article travelers

David Pinedo 6 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 7

Looking for a way to populate results in specific custom order in Excell based first article travelers.

Have you looked at Excel Form Report 2019 R2 version? It does not allow custom order though.. It can fill up AS 9102 form for First article measurement. 

Hi David (or others voting here),

Have you have a change to review the Excel Form Report command? As Sudhanshu points out, we may have covered the need in v2019 R1. I'm curious about the "custom order" wording, is there a need to populate a FAI template in a different order then reported in the routine, or was this referring to the Meas / Nom / Tol / Dev order?

Hi Matt,

Regarding the custom order. Our Engineering dept creates our internal operation sketches and our inspection travelers (excel based form where we document our results). The inspection traveler we get from engineering covers everything from true position basics, threads, thread depth and everything else in between. Our travelers could have a true position basic on one side of the drawing and the other basic on another page. I can email you one of our travelers to get a better idea what I'm faced with.

Thanks David, I'll take you up on that (Ill send you an e-mail shortly).

It sounds like we do need a custom dimension order as well. We'll leave this idea open to collect additional feedback / votes.

Hi @Matt, 

Now I get what David is talking about. I got one aerospace customer where the components are prepared in multiple stages which has a sheet that defines the operation sketch. I am adding my vote to this on-behalf of my customer. 

Thank you David for bringing this up! 


Krishna Chaitanya 

PC-DMIS 2020 R2 version will offer to re-order characteristic. See following screen shot: