ISO 1101 Profile dimension with unequal tolerance zone

daniel schroepfer 6 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 9

Our customers asking  for the possibility to use unequal
tolerance zone in surface and line profile dimensions referring to ISO
1101. This modifier is still missing in 2018 R2. Please remember that
the calculation of the tolerance values is different in ISO compared to

This is on our roadmap, and is targeting 2019 R2.

This has been delayed and is now going to ship with 2020 R1.

This has been delayed and is now being released in 2020 R2.


This can't be happening. Wait another 1 year. Our customers Bosch, Daimler etc. have requirements to measure this.

Hexagon is even involved in the standards committee itself and now we are again asked to wait 1 year. Other manufacturers like GOM, Wenzel have finished this topic. Sorry, but I can't understand why it takes so long.

can you please have a look on this, more and more customers Need this and complain About it, as there is no solution, many thx

Hello we need it as soon as possible. Our customers need the evaluation. Waiting time is too long. We have a software maintenance contract, for what ?