Allow PC-DMIS to remain open behind inspect after routine finishes

Anthony A. 6 years ago in Metrology Software / Inspect updated by neil kay 4 years ago 4

The reason for this is when working with an Optiv 321 GL the controller is embedded so anytime the PCDLRN.exe is stopped the machine needs to re-home so having to wait for the machine to home every single time we want to run a new routine is a real hassle. 

Satisfaction mark by Anthony A. 6 years ago

Hi Anthony, can you confirm which version of Inspect you are using?

PC-DMIS remains open/running in the most recent versions.


my apologies, i was using an older version of inspect. I was able to get 3.1 installed and it works perfectly fine! Sorry for taking up any time! 


Not a problem :)

Let us know in Idea Center of anything else you'd like to see in Inspect.

Could we add to Inspect configuration settings for PCDMIS behavior.  

For example, PCDMIS visible/invisible

Also, I am finding that when running PCDMIS under inspect, it is modifying the PCDMIS layout.  I am not sure whether it is Inspect or SlideShow that is doing so yet.  Using Inspect 3.2.  What I can see is that the Edit windows is closed, and all of the toolbars are cramped to the left side.