clearance cube made available as an option for PCDMIS PRO licenses

Guillermo 6 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 1

This came as part of an email conversation from aftermarket.  Some users will purchase PCDMIS CAD Offline licenses to support PCDMIS PRO CMM (DCC) licenses in production.  If a PCDMIS CAD offline user creates a program using Clearance Cube, he/she unknowingly has a program that will not performed (motion) as designed because the PCDMIS PRO licenses do not implement Clearance Cube.  My suggestion is that Clearance Cube should be available to Non-CAD licenses.  A user should be able to define and use Clearance Cube pretty much like a Clearance Plane, or any other move command.

I would even suggest that for a PRO user, he/she could define the diagonal clearance cube corners using the probe when writing a program on a CMM.  I believe Competitors (The Z boys) can do Clearance Cube w/o CAD. 

Commeting to my own suggestion.  It was brought to my attention that Clearance Cubes do work in PRO, but there area a couple of requirements.  

A CAD user that wants to use CC on a PRO license has to check a box "Override CAD Clearance Cube"

Then he/she is provided requirements.  one of which is that he/she must do a CAD=PART.   We have moved away from using CAD=PART for years when we program CMMs.  

Clearance Cube should be smart enough to be defined relative to the current alignment (even if the offsets are first defined from the current CAD).  

Say I am a PCDMIS PRO user at the machine.  Are we telling them they would have to click on an override CAD ClearanceCube (when he/she does not even have CAD) and then must do a CAD=PART as part of the requirements?

ClearanceCube should be like ClearancepLane.  relative to current active alignment.  Even if created using CAD from offsets, the size and position of the cube faces should tie to the current alignment and if programmed correctly, so does the CAD.