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trung van 5 years ago in Metrology Software / TubeShaper updated by anthony vianna 2 years ago 4

Crazy as it sounds, but we do have straight tubes that we measure too, some with flanges or fittings at the ends.  I know that there is the toolbox to measure a straight, but it is limited to just a straight.  Would like to be able to create and inspect a straight tube with or without flange profiles and check for the deviations.

Agreed. Pieces like that are still considered "complete tubes" in our environment and most of all, they are our products.

You can already do this (since v1.6). The trick is to measure this straight tube as a cylinder, not a tube! You can also measure this cylinder with a touch probe OR if you prefer a tube probe too.

We hope this helps.

The TubeShaper Team

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