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Allow tolerance warning threshold to be configured

neil kay 6 years ago in Metrology Software / Inspect updated 4 years ago 2

UK customer has requested a way in Inspect to specify a % of tolerance, and if dimensions are within tolerance, but above the % of tolerance, they would be marked in yellow on the dimension summary screen at the end of execution.

Neil,  I have a similar US based customer that would like this.  Additionally, they would like it tied to an And-on signal at the actual machine making the features (Probably as simple as writing an on or off to a notepad for various fields that a control could grab and interpret at intervals).  This would enable them to alert the operations that they are nearing their tolerance band. 

I think it would be useful as well to have the flexibility to mark specific dimensions to specific percentages (Ex. Critical dimensions may have a tighter control even yet, where some may not be monitored at all)