Allow Filtered Simplified command mode view

neil kay 6 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated 4 years ago 0

Command mode, exposing all parameters, can result in very lengthy routines, but it is fast to make edits. Summary mode was intended as a simplified view, but is seen as too slow to traverse into the tree to find the parameter to make edits. This is especially true when a lot of values are changing.

It has been requested (by a customer - I'm filing this on their behalf) that having a button on command mode - to only show important parameters by default (XYZ, IJK) - so each command is only a couple of lines long. To see all parameters, you would click the button, in order to see all the parameters (as now).

It is possible that such an enhancement could also include adding the icons you get in Summary Mode - to help commands stand out.

We're interested to see how many votes this idea would attract.