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Gábor Tóth 6 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated 4 years ago 25

It would be great if I click on CAD part model than is marked(highlighted) in CAD assembly tree too and reverse: If I click on one item in CAD assembly that will be show in CAD window by other color.

Additionaly the marked CAD item can be hide by "I" ( invisible) button, visible again by "V" and "E" exlusive visible only just this item... ( It work an another software and would be great if here will be works similar :-) )

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At the moment I use the latest 2019 R2 236 version but I didn't found any change in background highlights.

I hope the "The light highlighting issue is pcd-148510" coming out in the closest future.


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This would be a great addition to the CAD Assembly and should have been added to PC-DMIS when the CAD Assembly dialog window was updated in PC-DMIS. As in many cad software and 3D pdfs this feature is being used to identify the CAD component in the assembly of the graphics window.

Yes, yes We thinking same  ;-) Thanks for addition note. I hope now it's more clear for developers.

Feedback from the team over this area is that we already have the assembly highlighting capability, although it could be that due to it being different to in other systems, it's not obvious. Currently, if the user double-clicks a node in the assembly tree, then the corresponding part in the graphics window highlights. Conversely, if the user holds the Alt key down and left clicks on a CAD object in the graphics window, the corresponding node in the assembly tree will highlight.


We don’t have are the keyboard shortcuts that are mentioned.

Thank you for the follow up Neil. I tested the shortcut with the Alt key and could not get that to work. Therefore, I held down the Ctrl + Alt and Left click the CAD component in the Graphics. Using that shortcut highlighted the component in the CAD Assembly dialog window. This shortcut Key and instructions should be place in the Help menu.

Dave, thanks for letting us know about this not being in the Help file. I've created PCD-141557 for the Documentation Team to work on this.

Not a problem. Thank you Jared for the update.

Dave, the Documentation Team started documenting and testing this in our upcoming version (2018 R2), and we were unable to duplicate a problem with using Alt + left click in 2018 R2. From our tests, Alt + left click from the Graphics Display window does highlight the component in the CAD Assembly dialog box. It's possible something has been fixed in 2018 R2 that makes it behave as originally defined. Anyway, just letting you know we'll document it with Alt + left click.

Thank you Jared for the update.


Could I suggest that If I click on cad model than I see a gray marking in assemby tree, but this grey only a little bit darker like the white :-) So could you change these marking a visible color? Maybe blue or any better marking.

Thanks in advance!

I suggest and It would be great if program developers add some hotkey to CAD assembly window:

If the CAD Dialog window open and an item highlighted in tree and get
keyboard "i" (invisible),than the higlighted item go to invisible (the
mark in rectange disappear if somebody push "i" )

If the CAD Dialog window open and an item highlighted in tree and get keyboard "v" (visible), than the higlighted item go to visible (put a mark in rectange and item appear if somebody push "v" )

Thanks for your feedback and recommendations. I've let the product owner over that area of the software know about these requests. Regards.


Now I start to test it the R2 and if I click in Graph window on CAD part than doesn't mark the item in assembly tree...

I try with ALT+ Left mouse button and I try with CTRL+LMB but didn't see nothing.

Please check it. It is a bug ?

Thanks in advance!

Works using Ctrl + Alt + one LMB and Alt + two LMB with Windows 10 PC-DMIS 2018 R2.

Help Menu:

If you double-click a component in the assembly, PC-DMIS selects and highlights the component in the Graphic Display window. Conversely, with the CAD Assembly dialog box open, if you press and hold the Alt key and then left-click a CAD object in the Graphic Display window, PC-DMIS selects its corresponding component in the tree view. This helps to identify which CAD objects belong to which assembly component.

The Help menu needs an update to add double-click before left-click a CAD object.


Now, after closing going thru the testing again this works as shown in the Help Menu. Very strange. Wait a minute not really. It is PC-DMIS. This is normal.

Thanks Dave.


Today works somehow, after restart my computer.

If press and hold ALT and then left-double click In CAD Assembly window in an itemnumber then PCDMIS highlight with nice blue the part in Graphic window.

It is OK.

Reverse way:

If press and hold ALT and then left single click in Graphic window then PCDMIS "highlight" the item in CAD assembly window tree.  It would be great if this highligh can be set to blue or any other because at the moment the highlight a bit darker like white...It very hard to sense.

Dear developer could you set this highlight color?

Thanks in advance!

Not a problem. Yes, the Highlighting contrast seems to light. Another method is to create a color settings similar to the Edit Windows command mode Color Editor for other dialog Windows. 

The light highlighting issue is pcd-148510

Dear All,

Could you tell me somethigh good news about this topic?

Otherwise how can I check this pcd-148510 ticket status?

I have more open topic about PCD-165872 , PCD-172572 , PCD_-173292 (variable problems), but I haven't any info, Could anyone help?

148510 has been reviewed. There is no planned fix for the item.

Thanks also but I am not so happy.

I understood that to big programming work for developer to write an algorithm that the users can be change the highlight colour as davehocum suggested, but maybe Can I suggest that the next version of PCDMIS this highlights change the programmer a little bit darker ?

I hope it is minor change somewhere in the deep program mode that the highlight colour RGB number change a bit darker. Please :-) 

172572 is fixed 2019R1SP5 and above. The other two are resolved also and show fixed in 2020R1

Hi Neil,


(in 2020 R1 SP2 and 2019_R_SP5 )

Unfortunately, the background color of the item name has not changed. The same as in previous years, although this topic point was to change to some visible color.
Now it’s just a little bit grayer than white, as you can see in the attached image.
Maybe there is something new in the settings editor variable that I can use to change it?

Thanks in advance!