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Gábor Tóth 6 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 6

It would be great if develop this useful option, because at the moment only you can use for coordinate axis arrow, but I use GOM Inspect where I can use edges, corners of this cube.

Additional 2D rotation around actual view is also possible. It would be great that this will be work in pc-dmis too..

Image 141

Image 142

Image 143

Image 140

I mention this in the Technical Preview for 2018 R1.  I do like how the degrees for the angle is displayed with GOM.

Here are some other examples that I placed on the Technical Preview. 

The screen captions are from Inventor.

The screen caption from Soildworks

Hi Dave, 

Yes. I did see your request on the Technical Preview 2018 R1 forum. I will pass on this to my product owner.

Thank you Krishna for the follow up.

an active trihedron or rotation/widget would be fantastic as most other software has this. i have used gom a lot and its pretty function-able here is a screen shot of metrolog x4


Her is the power inspect bar.

Let's go Wilcox, let's go for a great Ux