Implement a database with variables and tracefields which are used at all routines to get a better change management.

Tobi 6 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 2

A lot of companies have different measurement routines which are using the same variables and tracefields. If they have for example 100 measurement routines and wants to add a additional tracefield, the have to open all 100 measurement routines and have to add the additional tracefield. This is a lot of work and needs a lot of time. It should be nice if we can simplify this process.


There are already two possibilities:

1. Export variables and tracefields as basic script and recall in measurement routine:

This option works without problems and we can use it. But the problem is here, that we have to do manual adjustments after we create the basic script. Here we have to delete some things. If you do this not very often, it is not very easy to know which parts you have to delete.

One possibility can be, if we mark the commands out of the measurement routine and generate a basic script only with the commands which are marked.


2. Recall a subroutine which includes the variables and tracefields:

Here is the problem, that we have to declare all variables and tracefields in the main routine for first. If we do not do this, we can’t use them in the main routine. Here could be a possibility to set a command, that the variables and tracefields of the subroutine(s) can be used in the main routine without any declaration before.

For sure a third possibility can be, that we implement a complete new function, which we can use to do this. I think this is a really good function which is useful for a lot of customer.

F5, General tab, scroll down to "Make Variables Globally Visible" should take care of #2. But be careful if you use subroutines for other purposes too, as you may get name clashes...

But I think we need a very simple solution and if we get an additional command for a variable window which is availible for all routines, it is very easy to handle and a lot of customer could profit from a function like this.