turn off hits on all in edit window

EmilySue 6 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 8

To my understanding, if you want to "clean up" your edit window, you have to turn off "parameters" and "show hits" individually on every feature.

Can there be an option (Probably under the View menu) to toggle parameters and show-hits ON or OFF for all features?


Have you tried to use Copy and Paste Parameters ?

That doesn't seem to do anything? Maybe I'm just not clicking in the correct places? Is there already a way to change all of the "show" choices for all features to "yes" or "no", in one step?

A link to a post I posted about a year ago to have a dialog window to perform this type of task.

Parameter Editor Dialog Window

Posted by strivedi2011 is a process for copy and paste one or more parameters.

Have you tried Copy Parameter? PCDMIS can copy and paste one or more parameters to similar features or even different features. For eg.

You want to change parameters of few circles. You can update parameter/s of one circle. position cursor on one parameter or highlight multiple parameter or even highlight complete circle and selct copy parameter (ctrl + alt +c).. Now you can select features in edit window - multiple features can be selected using shift + Click or ctrl + click (similar to Microsoft method). now you can paste parameters (Ctrl + Alt +V).

We think this is much useful function. Please try it out and let us know if it can satisfy your needs.

But CTRL+ALT+C / CTRL+ALT+V also replaces all the existing values, what if we want to keep the feature parameters as is?

Why not just do a find and replace?

Find & Replace using Pattern works. It's a bit clumsy, but it works. Thanks!

Ok, Say I want to change the Avoidance Move to "Both" from "No" for only two Vector Points. I will just Highlight the "AVOIDANCE MOVE=BOTH " from Say PNT15 feature. Then right mouse click the Highlighted "AVOIDANCE MOVE=BOTH " from PNT15 feature and select Copy Parameters. Then I will Highlight PNT13 and PNT14 features and then right mouse click the Highlighted features and select Paste Parameters. Now the only parameters that will be change for PNT13 and PNT14 is the Avoidance Move. Now if you Highlight the complete feature PNT15 and then right mouse click the Highlighted feature and select Copy Parameters. Then Highlight PNT13 and PNT14 features and right mouse click the Highlighted features and select Paste Parameters. Now all of the parameters for PNT13 and PNT14 features should match PNT15. If you select the example "SHOW CONTACT PARAMETERS=YES" or "SHOW FEATURE PARAMETERS=YES" and only want to change these values to "NO" from "YES" you will have to use Find or Replace. Also, you could create a script to do this.

Here is a script to change the Parameter settings for Show Feature Parameters and Show Contact Parameters.

Dim DmisApp As Object
Dim DmisPart As Object
Dim DmisCommands As Object
Dim DmisCommand As Object

Sub Part1

  Set DmisApp = CreateObject("PCDLRN.Application")
  Set DmisPart = DmisApp.ActivePartProgram
  Set DmisCommands = DmisPart.Commands
  CommandCount = DmisCommands.Count
  Set DmisCommand = DmisCommands.Item(CommandCount)
  DmisCommands.InsertionPointAfter DmisCommand

' [ Predialog START ]
'Dim optVal1 As Integer
'Dim optVal2 As Integer
Dim NoYes$(9999)

'[ Begin Dialog ]
Begin Dialog DIALOG_1 49,53, 184, 79, "Feature and Contact Parameters"
  GroupBox 8,4,164,52, "Global Parameters Settings"
  Text 12,16,93,12, "Show Feature Parameters"
  Text 12,36,93,12, "Show Contact Parameters"
  DropListBox 116,16,45,12, NoYes$(), .DropDown_1
  DropListBox 116,36,45,12, NoYes$(), .DropDown_2
  PushButton 28,60,37,12, "Apply", .PushButton_1
  CancelButton 116,60,37,12
End Dialog

Dim Dialg As DIALOG_1

'Start Values For Dialg.DropDown_1
'Dialg.GROUP_1 = 0
'Dialg.GROUP_2 = 0
NoYes(0) = "No"
NoYes(1) = "Yes"

Button = Dialog (Dialg)

'[Dialog returns, # For Radio Button Dialog]
'optVal1 = Dialg.GROUP_1
'optVal2 = Dialg.GROUP_2

'[Cancel Button Settings] 
'If Button = 0 Then End 'Cancel Button  
If Button = 0 Then Exit Sub 'Cancel Button
'If Button = 0 Then GoTo Return  

'[ComboBox Settings]

'[Checkbox Settings] 

'[DropDrown Settings]
ShowFeatureParameters_DD = NoYes$(Dialg.DropDown_1)
ShowContactParameters_DD = NoYes$(Dialg.DropDown_2)

'[Code Begins] 

If ShowFeatureParameters_DD  = "No" Then 
ShowFeatureParameters_DD  = 1
End If
If ShowFeatureParameters_DD  = "Yes" Then 
ShowFeatureParameters_DD  = 2
End If
If ShowContactParameters_DD = "No" Then
ShowContactParameters_DD = 1
End If 
If ShowContactParameters_DD = "Yes" Then
ShowContactParameters_DD = 2
End If 

If Button = 1 Then
'MsgBox ShowContactParameters_DD & "   Set Display Probe Parameters  = No or Yes " 
For Each DmisCommand In DmisCommands 
  ' Set Display Probe Parameters  = No or Yes
    retval = DmisCommand.SetToggleString (ShowContactParameters_DD, DISPLAY_PROBE_PARAMETERS, 0)
Next DmisCommand
'MsgBox ShowFeatureParameters_DD & "   Set Display Advance Parameters  = No or Yes " 
For Each DmisCommand In DmisCommands
  ' Set Display Advanced Parameters  = No or Yes  
    retval = DmisCommand.SetToggleString (ShowFeatureParameters_DD, DISPLAY_ADVANCED_PARAMETERS, 0)
Next DmisCommand
End If
End Sub

Sub Main


End Sub