Add new type of alignement RPS

Nicolas Pétré 6 years ago in Metrology Software / TubeShaper updated by anthony vianna 3 years ago 5

From Anoflex Contitech France (and French CO - Laurent Francou):

Add a RPS alignment, using geometric features, all keeping the Tube coordinates.

today, geometric alignements without CAD cannot keep the tube coordinates according to drawings.

New demander : Faurecia France

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Hi Nicolas,

By using the best-fit you should be able to maintain an alignment, even with no CAD. An RPS alignment could be done, but it would add a LOT of complexity which we don't think is necessary. An RPS alignment is more for metrology applications, so we don't think it would add much benefit to our core customers.

I know this, but best-fit does not allways allow to respect the mandatory references.

We could at least be able to select for each point which of X, Y, and Z axis (or several) we wat to use.

RPS sometimes are used also on tubes.


Unfortunately time and resources limit us from adding this complex function (which is more associated with higher-end metrology software). For sure we will consider it in the future though.