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Total bend and total rotation

rtomsu 6 years ago in Metrology Software / TubeShaper updated by neil kay 4 years ago 4

I would like to see the sum of bend angles and the sum of bend rotations in report. Nominal values.

Under review

The Tubeshaper team is trying to understand the customer need for this calculation.  Can you describe a bit more why this is being requested?  

When you bend a tube every bend will extend the total length of the tube. We know approximate values of extension for every one degree of our CNC bender. So we need to know the sum of bends of a tube and then we can calculate approximate extension of a tube thanks to its bends. We can calculate the final cut length of a tube before bending  this way.

Hi RTomsu-
    We have a springback & elongation area of the software to handle the very problem you describe.  Is there a reason why that area isn't working for you?  Best regards,

        -The TubeShaper team

Thank you for your answer Glenn. I know that my request is special but we have special type of production. I work in prototype shop where we make lines for air-conditioning for cars. We dont work like serial production do. We have every week new custom prototype line for making. We use everytime  different tool for our benders. I need to know the final cut length of the tube before I start bending because I dont know what tool I will use. Other reason is that we have tubes which has formed both ends and we need to form dozens of them before we start bending. We simply dont have time to search for the final cut length by trying and mesuring.  And finaly we use the method that I described before for long time and I know that it works.