Gábor Tóth 7 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 3

It would be nice if we can handle STL by surface mesh. Pointcloud is not usable...

Some youtube demo about pointcloud operation is also much better to help to our work.

Practical trick and tip etc...

PC-DMIS version 2017R2 has the ability to create a Mesh, import a mesh as a data object, align a mesh to the CAD model, cross section a mesh data object and perform a surface colormap.  Please see the attached image.

In the next release (2018R1 coming in January) we are including laser auto feature extraction from the Mesh and an updated Mesh toolbar.

I am curious when you say the Pointcloud is not usable - can you please explain?

The Mesh license is required to use these functions.


Sorry I have n't got mesh and laser option.

I didn't see any measure with these method in pc-dmis.

If the next 2018R1 will be able to handled any STL ( which coming Computer Tomography or GOM exported), than maybe interested.

At the moment the poincloud or surface colormap not detailed for me...

I want to see something like this (sharp):