Sample Hits/Feature for Adaptive Scanning

David Courtney 7 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by damonh 5 months ago 6

Please add sample hits/feauture options to the adaptive scanning auto circle properties.

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for scanning, it would be beneficial to have the sample hits be a quick cylinder for level to the bore, instead of the face, so that scanning would be a true bore instead of an ellipse.


I think this is a good idea.

If we use it for circles it could be very helpful.


This is not a bad Idea. I miss this option. Now I have to reference the face first then I can measure the hole (more steps to mess the things out, longer program...). At least just "sample feature" option :).

This is still a common request from customers - they love Adaptive Scanning but the lack of Sample Hits for it limits the use for a lot of customers. 

PLS explain why using this option 

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how use this option and where its use this option pls explain 

for very tight toleranced bores. the current best way to get the most accurate measurement of said bore, would be to do a quick cylinder (say 3 levels of 3 or 4 hits using fastprobe on for instance), then level and zero at that bore.  Then do the adaptive scan in the same bore.  This accomplishes "ensure the probing of the bore is true to the bore". Thus minimizing 'elliptical' scanning of the bore, which in turn minimizes relying on the software to remove cosine errors due to constantly changing contact on the sphere (cmm probe stylus) relative to the centroid of the sphere (cmm probe stylus).

So, using an option of 'sample feature' where the sample is the same cylinder to be measured, it would minimize programming time and effort, by making those steps inclusive into the feature intended to be measured and later dimensionally verified for size, location and form.