HxGN Live Session Idea Center Session Idea - Gamification / Achievements

KAY Neil 7 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 2

Suggestion from HxGN Live  Idea Center Session

"With a Hexagon wide user account system, an award/achievement system could be added tracking usage of Hexagon software, and/or for attending HxGN Live,  or completing training courses.

Unlock achievements by trying learning new capabilities in the software, or through long usage of the same capabilities (1miilionth feature created).


Your ranking position among your peers can be shown on a worldwide leader board, and the top placed users win prizes (t-shirts, iPads, HxGN Live tickets (travel included))."

Some parts might work, but I'm sure 99.99% (or more) companies would reject usage tracking. On the prize side, HxGN Live registration would pass muster, but travel or lodging would, in most instances, be looked upon as unacceptable in a large majority of companies.