HxGN Live Idea Center Session Idea - Drag and Drop CAD Import

KAY Neil 7 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 12

Suggestion from the Live Idea Center Session at HxGN Live

Add the ability to drag and drop any CAD file into the Graphics Display with "automagic" import.

I use GOM Inspect too and there is works good. I hope the Pc-Dmis will be able to do these...

Would it be possible to allow for a more generic drag-and-drop function? For example, the function won't be limited to CAD-files, but based on whatever the extension of the file being dropped, certain events would trigger. If I drop a .CAD/.IGS/.SAT/.STL/any CAD-format, the "import CAD"-function would trigger and display the relevant dialogs, just as if I had clicked it in the menu. If I drop an .XYZ-file, the "import XYZ-file"-function would trigger... and so on.

Suggest the *. PRG file also

In version 2011 I could open PRG files by double click, now it's going to some installation setup when I try to open in 2015 or 2016 version.. Not sure if that's only problem with my setup or in global..

I can already do this with Inventor and Solidworks. Would be a nice addition to PC-DMIS.

Dear all who read this forum, please use vote button, if you like this idea.

Thanks in advance!

All, this was a great idea and the development of this is in the works.  Currently only for Direct Cad Translations into the Graphics Display Window.

This will be part of 2019R2

Lot of thanks guys


Dear all,

Could you develop this function more a bit?

It would be great if we can to open by drag and drop the *.PRG file also...