Add a dummy axis

Gene 7 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 4

Currently we use the "H" axis as a dummy axis.

If you could add a real dummy axis to work as a place holder.

Most every pint we have has features that must be checked but can not be checked with a CMM.

A dummy axis would create a spot in the Excel out put where such info could be entered.

The best case for this would be that not only would you enter a nominal and Tol. but also letters to define something like "Caliper, Mics, SurfaceFinish...." 

Generic features with an input command or keyin dimensions will do this.   You can name the features or the dimensions whatever makes sense to you.  Or add a comment that identifies the method or type of feature.

Not what I'm looking for at all.

This would use exisiting features. I use what I call "ZER0" Zero is a point I created and any time I come to say a surface finish on the part print (I can't check it with the CMM but it must appear "IN ORDER" in my layout. So I add a "H" axis if this axis you could add text into the Tolerance(( "SF" = Surface Finish , "Cal" = Calipers, "Opt" = Optical Comparator...))

I don't want to build a Generic Feature for every one of these and even if I did what would you have me out put? As for adding a comment if that were an answer for this why bother using anything more than the comment?

Maybe add it as different measurement designators for dimensioning "Key In" dimensions.

I already have a work around.

Want something that is built special for the operation as intended.