High Point Help

Kingsld1 7 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 5

Help files need to make it clear that the working plane and alignment has to match the vector you want the high point to calculate to.   

Either that or change the high point measurement routine to calculate to the entered/ CAD IJK values regardless of working plane or alignment.  This actually seems more intuitive to me.

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Thanks for the idea. We improved this Help topic with that information and some other improvements in PCD-156355. This will become available in the 2019.2 Help documentation.

I do see the value in the option, perhaps a toggle, to calculate this based on CAD IJK.

Kyle, that's a good idea, but not really a Help improvment or change. For ideas on PC-DMIS that aren't Help related, I recommend that you post that as a different idea in the main PC-DMIS forum so that it gets visibility and traction from other users: https://hexagonmi.userecho.com/communities/1-pc-dmis

Ahh, thanks for the quick response Jared!