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Could we implement a directory/folder rather than a PRG for program selection?

Guillermo vor 7 Jahren in Metrology Software / Inspect aktualisiert von neil kay vor 3 Jahren 3

Some programs may have support files like pcdmis forms, basic scripts, bitmaps, external commands, etc.  Very often, the best way to manage a program is to create a folder for it and then allow the program to reside within that folder with all its supporting files in same location.

This is because it is often impractical to have many programs in folders with all their support files intermix.

It would be nice to be able to specify whether to treat a folder as a program container that can be selected for execution.  (On main Measurement routine screen).  Bitmap association to it.

The rule would have to be that a folder name must be identical to the program name.

I know this is a complicated request.  This is how one of our customers that has 50+ CMMs has his custom interface (developed by us Hexagon) configured.

Location of programs is remote (network).

Executing measurement routine is actually a local copy of the folder and its contents.

I know this Idea had no votes, but it was based on existing customers using an alternate front end for launching measurement routines.  I want to tie this into an enhancement to the Measure setting in Inspect 4.1

That setting does allow for the program and its CAD file to be copied to a local folder for execution, but ignores that many programs have support files like custom forms for input and also for reporting as well as for EXCEL/CSV output, or for FILE I/O that will not have the same name as the CMM routine.  This option is therefore too narrow minded knowing that PCDMIS allows for multiple type of supporting documents expected to be in same folder as the program.  In this case, usually the current measurement routine folder might act as a container.  Granted, we may have to define rules for this. My suggestion is that we allow the option to copy program plus any file with same name, but also offer the option to copy selected program entire containing folder and contents. 

Hello Guillermo, in the latest versions of PC-DMIS, this is now possible from the Home Page.
From the left pane select "New" then select the "Blank Template" tile and on the details view other than the name of the new routine you will have the possibility to specify a location where to save your Measurement Routine (for ex. d:\MyRoutines\Test).

Look at this picture:

At that point in the settings of INSPECT - you can go in settings/Folder Explorer Settings and "Create a new user folder" using that path

And that created folder is browsable from the main screen of INSPECT