I would like to see the Live Image view so I can use INSPECT on a vision machine, and use the view to do the manual alignment features

neil kay 8 years ago in Metrology Software / Inspect updated 4 years ago 7

At the moment, INSPECT is not very useful for Vision machines, as without seeing the camera view, then the manual alignment features are impossible to position.

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This is also an issue for machine start and error clearing on some vision controllers.

Additional areas where a Live View is required would be:

Manual Targets

Gage / Comparator

Confidence of measurement gain from viewing measured points during execution

Calibration of multiple sensor's - Cross Probe & potentially CWS

Another area for consideration:

During execution of vision part program, if a feature fails, the user currently has the option of changing the vision parameters to ensure correct execution. These changes are not saved for future execution, just for the feature to complete in the current execution.

The question here would be: Should this option be available in Inspect as default? If yes, we would lose the control that the Inspect product has. If, No, then we lose a lot of flexability of current execution from Pcdmis

We may want to consider this as an option?

Good ideas Neil, I think your first comment is connected to this one, but I will create your second one to it's own topic so we can get feedback on that in isolation.

This is available in the 3.X version of INSPECT