Modular Window Setup - PC-DMIS Layout

Anthony Fotion 7 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Julian 3 years ago 4

Hey everyone,

I didn't find anything listed about this so I figured I would put it up. I use 2-3 monitors at a time when using PC-DMIS. I would like the ability to be able to place different parts of PC-DMIS on different monitors when programming and working.

Examples would be:

-Live view on separate monitor

-Report Window on separate monitor

-Edit Window on separate monitor

-CAD View on separate monitor

-Measurement tools in your own locations

-The ability to have that layout,  the size and locations of windows saved for when PC-DMIS is opened next.

Essentially a user could make their PC-DMIS interface setup how they want it when using it whether they use 1,2 or 3 monitors, they could utilize all of them if given the chance.

This sounds like it would be a hard task to change this, but I know it would make a lot of users happy. I think it would be an opportunity to keep some things loaded separately though when loading PC-DMIS and fix certain crashes when too many things are open that are not in use. This would allow users to have only the tools needed for their job open while efficiently switching from task to task and checking their work at the same time without having to find an open window somewhere while utilizing more desktop space for users who like to see more at once.

i use a similar setup with 4 monitors plus phone as monitor, so 5 all together. Some windows are actually able to 'dock' on the other monitors and 'remember' their positions (probe readouts, settings window, status window, preview window, probe toolbox and drop down dialog boxes) are some that can move 'out of' the pcdmis windows that are stretched across 2 of the monitors. While others, like the edit window, graphics window, report window, and basic script editor, can not. Seems real close to being able to do exactly this. Just not quite there yet.

The Edit Window can definitely also be moved to another monitor - I don't know if it will remember its position when restarting. I always create a number of saved Window layouts, so I can get what I want, fast.

Actually, the only window I'm constantly missing the possibility to move to another monitor is the Report Window (and maybe Forms).

2. program açtığınızda grafik ekran kayboluyor

This is a no brainer win for users!! Ability to separate windows however we want. To make workflow easier.