Break a scan into multiple elements

Jay Flint 8 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Cristopher Chingwa 2 years ago 8

We would like the ability to break a scan into multiple elements that may have different tolerances or requirements for each.

Under construction menu for line and circle, PCDMIS offers scan segment. Please see if that satisfies your need.

Jay, did the functionality Sudhanshu pointed out meet this requirement?

It would be nice if there was a "split scan" button that automatically broke up the scan into its various elements (radii, lines, max/min point along an axis) in a similar way to how the scanarcsegment, scanlinesegment and maxindex / minindex functions are supposed to work. This could be included under constructed features so all a user would need to do would be to perform a scan and then select the relevant arc, line, min or max point that they want to extract from it without having to input several lines of assignments / complex code - it should be as simple as clicking on a particular section of a graphical representation of the scan.

When you create the scan, in the "Path Definition" tab; you can click the "To Points" button. That will give every point in the scan its own ID. You can then use those points to create features. I use this often. Just make a fake point with the name you want to use, first. Tell the software to make that name the default, then delete that point. Then when you make the scan; the points will have the name you want.


The existing functionality does net meet the need. The most frequent use of this functionality at my workplace is 3D surfaces that have varying tolerance zones (just as the requestor stated).

Additionally, we need the "splitting" of the scan (or scans) points to be defined by coordinate zones - preferably a 3D zone (meaning a box-type shape, not free-form). All we have available now is the hit array, and when dealing with thousands of scanned points, this is tremendously inefficient. There is also the major issue that the hit point count and hit location is not always the same in scanned data.

Ideally, the "box zone" can be roughly placed by dragging a visualization of the zone in the CAD window. Stretch it, move it, reduce the size, etc. Then refined by entering exact numbers where necessary.

Just so that this doesn't sound like a far-fetched suggestion, I'll state that the main competitor to pc-dmis has had this dragable, resizeable box zone for many years.

When I voted for this suggestion, I was imagining something more like what was suggested in this post :Construct a scan segment from a scan.  A box zone could be useful too, but more often I just want to be able to take a segment out of a linear open/closed scan.  

If you put the scan points into a COP - either by selecting the "Use COP" checkbox on the main execution tab of the scan dialog, or by constructing a COP feature from your scan(s) - you can use the pointcloud select operator to segregate points within a rectangular (box), circular, spherical or freeform (polygon) area.  The "Box" option sounds like the closest thing we have to what is being described here.  It defines a rectangular shape at a specific set of co-ordinates (X,Y,Z,I,J,K) based on the active alignment and allows you to keep or exclude any hits within that rectangular area.  You could then construct a SET from the COPSELECTION and dimension it.

Thanks Neil!  I did not know about that feature of the software.  That is just what I have been looking for.   It is not quite as cool/convenient as the idea you mentioned in your comment 6 years ago, but probably more applicable to my needs.  I'm going to repurpose my vote!