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Our company recently up graded to 2017 r1 from v3.7. a big jump I know.

our CMM inspectors had been very efficient at creating reports of OOT. for manufacturing and or engineering. We used full report mode that was a live function that we edited the program and graphics from. Snap a screen shot and import it to a excel doc. Like the example above.

Now the report is a text doc. and not live to the graphics at all. We are constantly switching back and forth between report and summary mode. If I could create a graphic like that one shown and get it into the current report would work also.

Can we get the full report mode from v3.7 added back to PCDMIS?

It was a great tool for us, and easy to use.

the default.rtp is that format. Textual as v37 did but using the report window and not the edit window as v37 shared with.

Live function meaning what? Click in graphics and the edit window did something?