can the min or max show the feature out of tolerance instead of it averaging to the measure feature to be acceptable

Dominic Abate 7 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Kingsld1 3 years ago 3

I'm measuring a cylinder on one of our parts and the max was out of tolerance.  the report was not showing it out of tolerance because it takes the average of the min and max.   the operator did not catch this and the part was shipped to the customer.  is there a was to report the min and max as a out of tolerance feature on the report?

For some inspection shops (especially in aviation ), we need to report the deviation/out of tolerance from either max or min value. 

now, in order to report the dimension 0.404 max / 0.384 min there are 3 scenarios :

* 0.394 nominal ±0.010 tolerances

* 0.384 nominal +0.020 / -0.000 tolerances

* 0.404 nominal +0.000 / -0.020 tolerances

If your version of PC-DMIS is recent enough, use the SIZE command to report the diameter.

Another way would be to create a non-printing dimension.   Feed the max/min into a generic feature using a variable.  Then create another dimension using the generic feature you just made.