turn constructed points into an autofeatuer

DAN_M 7 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 1

A lot of my parts have geometry that is weird enough to warrant me to measure points and then construct a feature out of those points as opposed to using an auto feature. This works well but it kills me because it takes up a lot of program window space. I would obviously much rather use 1 auto feature as opposed to having 12 individual points and then a line about the construction of those points.

It would be cool if I could put points on my model, go into construction (or perhaps a new dialogue box) and click to create an auto feature out of those points. I am imagining the software grabbing the nominal XYZ IJK values from the points previously mentioned and using that data to create as well as place an auto feature in my program window. Id then like to be able to go back in and delete those points, thus greatly reducing the size of my program but having the hits for my newly created auto feature precisely where I want them.

Have you ever tried program mode? It won't create autofeatures for you, but manual/guessed features. It allows you to place the points using your mouse and when you're done, just end the feature and it will be created (make sure it creates the type of feature you want though). It lacks the bells and whistles from the autofeatures, but you might just be able to do what you ask for.