Bring back an old function that when viewing a report in the report window you could be taken back to that dimension in the program for editing.

Tim H 7 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by prasanna 10 months ago 9

this function was in older versions. quite handy when proving a program or when dimensions get updated. Way faster than the find function.


Great. Thank you

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Thats a great idea, but i have no more vots :-(

would this be similar to "BRING BACK FULL REPORT MODE FROM V3.7"? You want to click on a dimension/feature in the report and have the edit window go to that command?

Great reporting feature. It needs to come back for sure!


working its way into 2021.2

I just tested this morning in PC-DMIS 2021.2 Pre-Release and when the user is viewing a report in the report window, there is a menu option in the right click menu 'Move Cursor To' which will move the cursor in the edit window to respective dimension. 

It looks cool in the new summary mode as the entire tile is highlighted in the edit window. 

Thank you for logging this idea! 

Great! This was really helpful for debugging.