Don't close PC-DMIS on closing INSPECT if PC-DMIS was already started before INSPECT

anders isaksson 7 years ago in Metrology Software / Inspect updated by neil kay 4 years ago 6

It's a bit irritating that INSPECT always closes PC-DMIS when closing, even when PC-DMIS was already started before INSPECT.

This may not be a real problem for end users, only for those that run a lot of tests of different things...

I tried to connect to PC-DMIS 2017 with PC-DMIS already open and It will not connect...

It should connect if running same permissions - for instance - if PC-DMIS is started using "run as administrator" then INSPECT needs to be too.

It does for me. Note that INSPECT tries to connect to the version of PC-DMIS that was last run as Administrator, not necessarily the last installed or the currently running one...

Inspect will no longer shut PC-DMIS down when it closes, it PC-DMIS was open already, and if PC-DMIS and Inspect are running under the same permission level