OMG! I've got to have one of these for each of my CMM's. Productivity would go sky high! The operators will love these! Will they come in a variety of colors

Maybe PC Dmis could just send a text you your phone... than its free

Moving to INSPECT forum, as that is where improvements ideas relating to operators would be implemented.

This would be a good addition to MMS PULSE and Hexagon Notification Center.

Agree. We're looking at unifying all aforementioned notification systems.

We don't plan to add this to Inspect, but the idea of phone notifications is covered with Notification Center 2.0 - scheduled for 2019 R1 release.

Is this part of the PC-DMIS Go. PC-DMIS Go app is available on the Play Store. I haven't had a chance to set this up yet.

It is, although we have not opened it up yet to customers (it is login restricted at the moment, even though it's on the store).

Thank you Neil for the Follow up.