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Analysis view with CAD model

David Courtney 7 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Engelmann 3 years ago 14

Add functionality to include CAD view with analysis view.


This request is under development.

What is the anticipated timeline for this update?

Also, In analysis view.  The rotate function is very weak.  Notably; I cannot snap to an axis - often the rotate seems to be .5° off so my part has a slight tilt either way.


This has been delayed, but is still planned

Under review

@David Courtney (and others who voted here),

This functionality is provided with the "Snapshot" command but rather then adding CAD to the analysis window. We made it very easy to report the CAD window with analysis enabled.

I'm hesitating to resolve this item with that change since it isn't really what was requested, but I would like to ask for some feedback on the snapshot command. Does this meet the same goal?

@Kyle, to your question. The overlap between the new snapshot command, and an enhanced analysis window has put a halt on this idea. There is enough duplication of features in PC-DMIS already so we would like to get to a single, beautiful way of reporting point analysis instead of duplicating tools in different windows.

Can you provide an example of where this is and I'd be happy to find it and use it.  (snapshot)  Also, which version is this feature released in?


The snapshot command (at least in 2019 R1 SP10) does not take the current CAD state into account. If I apply transparency to the CAD and then use the snapshot command, the CAD will not be transparent in the snapshot image, etc. Would be nice if WYSIWYG could be implemented.

@Matt, @Jörgen

I can remember that back when the snapshot comand first was released I testet it and also wasn't happy with it.
If I can remember correctly the coordinates were not shown as I wanted & If I used split screen (2 or 3 different views in one view) all views had the same zoom (it didn't remember how i set it).

I didn't test it since so I don't know if these limitations still exist.

Ill take a look at both of these. The snapshot design is exactly as vpt.se suggests (WYSIWYG). Regardless of transparency, zoom, displayed analysis the whole of the graphics display is supposed to save with the command.

It sounds like we have a lot of bugs here.

Tried creating a report today in 2019 R1 SP10 were I created viewsets in order to "focus" the graphics window to what I wanted to see in the report and used the snapshot function to save it in the report. First of all, I used a cutting plane to peel off some unneeded areas, enabled the CAD graphics for my evaluation and then used the snapshot. It certainly created a nice picture in the report at this time, but when I executed the program again, it was nothing like the first picture (no cutting plane, no CAD graphics from the eval).

Maybe it is possible to "expand" the snapshot function to include a listview displaying all evaluations done before where I want my snapshot command and where I can simply check a checkbox for display in the snapshot command. This checkbox would just enable the CAD graphics for the selected evaluations for the snapshot command only. It will use all CAD graphics settings from the "original" evaluation. Maybe even include the cut plane settings here too, with the same premises (using the settings from the currently active cut plane). Throw the transparency setting in there too and we are golden! :)

Can you picture your work


Did you have time to look at these issues?

Any news regarding this?


Is there any updates on this? The Snapshot function is a great function when used in conjunction with the view sets can create some great images but the issue I'm having is we need to report the profile of features multiple time to multiple alignments which means I have multiple deviation arrows from each dimension overlaying each other so its hard to determine which feature is which.

What I would like is an option to turn the CAD on/off in the report analysis, I can use the Save Analysis View Command  so I can have a graphic for each individual dimension rather than arrows all over the component at the same time. See below image to see what I mean

We have the same problem. Our costumer need the CAD in the analysis to define is the part acceptable.

Jonathan Gregory explaines the problem with the Snapshot very good.

If you want to visualise several evaluations, it quickly becomes confusing.

the idea from Jonathan in the report analysis with the box Show CAD is very good