CLEAR instructions on how to turn the alarm off

Kingsld1 7 years ago in Metrology Software / Notification Center updated by neil kay 4 years ago 6

I've not found how to turn of the alarm when it's in a loop anywhere in the help files unless I've missed it from going mad at the sound; Short of turning the volume levels off, which defeats the purpose.

Hi KingsId1. By default, no sounds are activated in Notification Center. I suspect you are hearing some native PC-DMIS sound events, that are configured in PC-DMIS F5 setup dialog, on the Sound Events tab. Eventually, we'd like these two systems to be combined.

Hi Neil, I was experimenting with Notification Center. I turned on one of the alarm sounds so that it would go off when an out of tolerance condition occurs. Turned on the loop function with it as well. It went off at the end of the routine as expected but then I couldn't shut the @#($&(@#& thing off. Looked in the Notification and PC DMIS help files and didn't really see anything about anything with the Notification software. The sound just went on and on forever. I understand wanting it to sound long enough to get someones attention but the off switch has to be readily available. My CMM is 20001 vintage so it doesn't have the lights.

The sound can be stopped by closing the part program. If you don't have lights, then for the time being, you are probably best continuing to use PC-DMIS native sound event system. We have plans for the next version (end of year) to flesh Notifications out, and part of this will be to add the reset capability that you are looking for.

If you have a loop in the program to run the next sample then jumping out of the program would be a pain. Around here it is rare to only run one sample. All our programs are setup to ask if the operator wants to run another part.

In my opinion, a dialog box that pops up and turns off the sound and lights would be a good universal solution.

The INSPECT 3.X version later this year will improve on this.