Ability to transfer the configurations from one cmm to another without having to configure INSPECT on each cmm individually.

SB1 7 years ago in Metrology Software / Inspect updated by neil kay 4 years ago 7

Unless I overlooked that ability, I haven't found a way yet. We have 10 cmms that currently use STI and transferring one STI menu file to all cmms so the STI menu is the a same on all cmms is very efficient.

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This will be available in Inspect 5.0

It is great to see there is an improvement on tool bar. Could you also do that for PC-DMIS CAD/CAD++ online/offline version also?

Please post PC-DMIS requests as a separate item in the PC-DMIS product, as it's a different team that manages that.

I would note that PC-DMIS already has an option similar to this, in the Settings Editor Backup/Restore.