Autogenerated evaluation report headline/comment

Jörgen Andersson (vpt se) 8 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 9 2 duplicates

When creating an evaluation of any sort, I would like to have the option to choose whether or not to let PC-DMIS create a report comment/headline based on the type of evaluation and the selected features. A simple textbox along with a checkbox would work fine. The textbox displays the autogenerated comment and the checkbox enables the user to have it display on the report.

Modus operandi:

I choose to evaluate a LOCation with ONE axis. I the autogenerated comment would display "Dimension <nominal X> <tolerance> for <featurename>". When I click the checkbox, the textbox would be enabled, allowing me to change the autogenerated text. With the checkbox checked, the comment is placed before the evaluation. The checkbox has two functions: it lets me edit the text and it tells PC-DMIS to add the comment. If the checkbox is unchecked, no comment will be added.

If we choose several dimensions in the evaluation, the comment should read "Dimensions for <featurename>". This would work the same way over all evaluations, GD&T and regular dimensions.

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I can see that being a good time saver. Don't forget to vote for your idea. Good to have you on here, vpt.se. :)

Sounds a good time saver (and similar to the request vpt.se filed). Don't forget to vote for your item.

I love this idea! I probably have spent as much time writing comments with with similar structure as I have creating dimensions.

One proposal though. Allow the user to define the default comment text with special characters that would pull dimension DTypes or variablevalues. This way I could set an assignment for "Print View 1" and then use that in the generated comments.

From the HxGN Live 2018 Idea Center session.

Some additional detail about this idea. The user would like a report comment like feature to be included with the dimension commands. This would allow comments and dimensions to be moved / marked / deleted as a unit.

This would also allow a cleaner method of displaying the comment text inside a dimension label since it would be a child of the dimension command.

+1 +1 +1  Think I have a similar request either here or on the idea topic in the forum.

This idea would also help with work flow.   Too often I put in a report comment, a dimension and then back to a report comment again.    

A document comment with the dimension might be a "nice to have" option with this too. 

This would be a great addition to the dimension commands.  I updated the Custom Comment script to help add default comments before I add a dimension.

I found this similar item which has a number of votes (including one from me!).

We needed to create new threads for the purpose of the Live Idea Center, but I'll ask Neil to combine these using the older thread as the master. It has better detail on the request & design.