​Add (enhance)​ the ability to create multiple auto features in on go.

Jon Wood (NinjaBadger) 7 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 6

Add (enhance) the ability to create multiple auto features in on go.

I know you can create multiple auto features in one go by left click dragging a box around them, but it always picks up several 'hidden' features which aren't wanted, and yo get no say in the order of them.

What would be ideal would be ctrl+click (like selecting multiple discrete items from a list box) to select multiple features at once.

Any reason why you can't just QuickFeature them? If you've got to click each one anyway, why not just SHIFT click them?

I'm not aware of that?!? Is that a recent enhancement?

(I'm still rocking 2012mr1)

Yeah, it went into 2014.1 I think (or maybe 2015). It's been further expanded in 2017 R1, where you can also create features now when you have feature dialogs up (Construct, Dimension, Alignment, etc). So it gives more flexibility on workflows. 2017 R1 also introduces the ability to QuickFeature off the Vision Live View, and also Quick Scan (SHIFT click and drag) to create Linear Open scan. We're looking at ways to further refine QuickFeature, and give more control over the default parameters to use for each feature.

To go back to your original comment, there is definitely value in box select having the ability (probably default) to not do hidden.

Great idea and great new additions with quick scan and workflow enhancements. I'm very excited about the new enhancements. I still think it would be beneficial to be able to remove individual features from a box select either from the graphics window and/or from a list and to have hidden features not be included in the selection?

This is would be very handy when you've got a lot of holes that need different parameters, such as depth and/or pitch. This would create a faster method of creating circles in groups instead of going back and copying and pasting parameters to randomly created set of features. Taking it a step further would be to have the ability to group similar features, commonly circles, of the box select into different parameter sets. I suppose this would fall under a different topic? Basically, the box select needs a facelift. ;)